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Bad T-34 Tanker 762×39 Pstl 20rd


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The “T-34” Edition RD704P AK pistol is a collaborative effort between two of the most well-respected names in the AR and AK firearms industry, Battle Arms Development, Inc.(C) (BATTLARMS(C)) and Rifle Dynamics. Inspired heavily on the BATTLARMS(C) Tanker AR rifle, the T-34 embodies the spirit and design of the era it represents. If the AR Tanker took inspiration from the U.S. Sherman tank and the Tanker AK exemplifies the Russian T-34 thank. The Russian T-34 tank was the pinnacle of Russian design and a fearsome machine on the battlefields of WW2. Fatefully, it was an injured T-34 tank commander, who while recuperating, thought of the design of one of the most prolific weapon systems in the world, that person was Mikhail Kalashnikov. This Tanker AK pistol brings the story back full circle. Incorporating modern parts and improvements while still retaining the old-world craftsmanship and attention to detail you expect from both BATTLARMS(C) and Rifle Dynamics. This limited-edition pistol (Limited Run of 50) will stand the test of time and is already an instant classic!

Features :

  • 11.5” 4150CM Black Nitride Barrel
  • Bulgarian Wood Handguard
  • BATTLEARMS© THUMPERTM Compensator, 17-4SS Black Nitride
  • BATTLEARMS© Laser Engraved RD & BAD Logos

Additional information

Weight 29.00 lbs
Dimensions 38.00 × 12.00 × 8.00 in

Arms, Battle, Development, Inc.






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