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In honor of the American Revolution and the nations Founding Fathers, Auto-Ordnance presents ,The Revolution, custom 1911. Each pistol is engraved with historical artwork paying tribute to the brave men who lead the nation during its struggle for independence. On the right side of the slide is engraved the ,Betsy Ross, American Flag, followed by five honored Founding Fathers with their signatures: Benjamin Franklin, John Adams, George Washington, John Hancock, and Paul Revere. Next is engraved a depiction of the Boston Tea Party. On the left side of the slide are engraved the Gadsden Flag, a depiction of Paul Revere riding to George Washington, and the quote ,Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death, set before a cannon. The Revolution 1911 comes with solid copper grips, with an eagle and the Declaration of Independence on the left panel, and the Liberty Bell on the right panel. The finish is a distressed Cerakote Midnight Blue, covered with Matte Clear. This gun starts as an Auto-Ordnance GI Model 1911″ made entirely in the United States. It features a 5″ barrel, GI sights, and is chambered in .45 ACP. One seven round magazine is included.

Features :

  • Caliber: .45ACP
  • “Barrel: 5″;”Weight”
  • 2.3 lbs
  • ,Length: 8.6″ overall,
  • Safeties: Thumb safety, grip safety, firing pin block
  • Sights: Blade front, rear drift adjustable for windage
  • Magazines: One 7 round magazine
  • Grips: Engraved Solid Copper Grips

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