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Aac Ti-rant 45m 45acp Pstl 578″-28


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The best selling silencer for .45 Auto, .40 S&W, and 9mm hosts is now even more versatile. The Ti-RANT 45M (Modular) includes all the high quality features users have come to expect from AAC – with a twist. Without the use of tools, and in a matter of seconds, users can reconfigure the Ti-RANT 45M from a full sized 9.0″ long silencer (13 oz.) into a 7.0″ compact model (11.3 oz.). One stamp. Two silencer configurations. The main tube is constructed from Grade 9 Titanium for durability and light weight; while the front module tube is made from 7075-T6 Aluminum for weight savings. The encapsulated front module incorporates a design feature that prevents it from inadvertently unscrewing from the main tube during use. The Ti-RANT 45M can be easily hand-disassembled without special tools to allow the entire baffle stack to be removed for cleaning and maintenance. 578″-28 or M16x1LH. Not content to just offer a modular version of the predecessor Ti-RANT 45″ the Ti-RANT 45M was optimized for even better sound reduction. In the full-size configuration, the Ti-RANT 45M turns in an impressive 33dB reduction dry (132dB SPL) and 41dB reduction wet (124dB SPL), while the compact configuration meters 21dB reduction dry (144dB SPL) and 28dB reduction wet (137dB SPL). Despite being optimized for use on .45 Auto hosts, the Ti-RANT 45M provides excellent sound reduction on 9mm and .40 S&W hosts by using the same ASAP conversion pistons found on the legacy Ti-RANT 45 silencers. Also a 5/8×24 adaptor for use with 300AAC BLK (Subsonic ONLY) is now available making the Ti-RANT 45M an ideal multi-caliber pistol silencer.

Features :

  • Optimized for better sound reduction
  • Multi-caliber pistol suppressor
  • Designed to prevent inadvertent unscrewing

Additional information

Weight 1.44 lbs
Dimensions 12.05 × 4.05 × 3.15 in

Advanced, Armament, Corp


17-4PH, 7075-T6, Titanium




45M, Ti-Rant






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