This info is intended for students attending a Spartan Firearms & Tactical, Inc. courses  — it covers a variety of class subjects and will provide you with the correct frame of mind before attending our courses.

1) Safety:  is our NUMBER 1 PRIORITY..our enviornment is completely different than shooting at a public range and dramatically different than going shooting with a few buddies at a private range. Muzzle awareness becomes extremely important. Handling weapons at the loading bench or behind the firing line is a NO GO. All weapons must be treated as always loaded and students will not load weapons until instructed to do so. 

2) Equipment: review the equipment list and bring the correct and appropriate equipment for the class. This is critical; if you have questions please email me or the class host. Showing up with the wrong equipment will hamper your learning experience. Simple things like having a suitable belt for a pistol class can be the difference between enjoying the class or suffering through it.

3) Holsters: a proper holster is critical for a pistol class. Soft nylon holsters are commonly sold at sporting goods stores and are not suitable.  In addition, Inside the Waistband (IWB) or appendix carry holsters are suitable for many of our courses. Please read the course description for specifics.  

4) Ammo: bring quality ammo that is suitable for the class. Poor quality ammo for use in a compact pistol in a basic pistol class is a recipe for frustration and a waste of time and money. 

5) Training philosophy: The Proper Mindset is the most important training tool we utilize in all of our courses. We feel that each student will bring a unique apporach to their on self protection and willingness to learn. Our courses are designed to teach you, push your limits, and improve your overall confidence. The old adage “crawl, walk, run,” is emphasized strongly in our teaching methods. Our belief is to become proficient one must, “Master the Basics.”

I hope this helps and will guide each potential student in the right direction. We look forward to training with you.

— Spartan Firearms & Tactical, Inc. Training Team